A broad span of competencies

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A small company with diverse fields

Although KIRKBI is a rather small company headcount-wise with around 200 people, we have specialised and experienced professionals in such diverse field as investment and treasury management, board assignments, real estate investments and operations to business administration and controlling, legal advisory, IT, communication and HR.

When we hire we always look for people who can fit into the KIRKBI culture. And as we want to have a diverse working environment, we attract and retain people with different skills, approaches and backgrounds in order to succeed - giving all our current and future people opportunities to develop in KIRKBI.

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KIRKBI Pulse Survey

Once a year we measure our people's motivation, satisfaction, and engagement in the KIRKBI Pulse survey. The most recent 2023 survey showed high motivation and engagement scores. The survey also revealed a high E-NPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) of 59, which is based on the results for the Pulse question; "I would recommend KIRKBI as an employer to other people." The average external benchmark score is 34.

This indicates that we have some very loyal, motivated, and engaged people. Despite the strong scores, and in line with our spirit, we always strive to do better.

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A few facts:

  • The number of people in the KIRKBI organisation is 208 (KIRKBI A/S, KIRKBI AG and KIRKBI Invest A/S).
  • In 2020, the number of full-time employees in the KIRKBI Group was 17,980 (97% of the employees work in the LEGO Group).
  • KIRKBI's headquarters is in Billund, Denmark. Besides, KIRKBI has offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Baar in Switzerland.