Family Support

We are dedicated to support the family members as they prepare for future generations to continue the active and engaged ownership as well as supporting their private activities, companies and philanthropic work.

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A broad support to family businesses and foundations

KIRKBI has various support functions such as HR, Finance, Legal, IT and Communication assisting the owner family and their associated businesses and foundations.

Below you will find some examples of the foundations and family businesses that KIRKBI provides support to. 


Ole Kirk’s Fond

Ole Kirk’s Fond is a charitable foundation and its purpose is to improve the quality of life for children and their families. A caring approach and the right of all children to be children were key motivators for LEGO® founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Ole Kirk’s Fond was established in his memory and to fulfil the values and the caring philosophy that he represented.

Ole Kirk’s Fond supports cultural, church-related, humanitarian and educational purposes, and has a dedicated focus on the social area, in which five focus areas have been identified: Children as relatives to sick parents; children in families with alcohol and drug abuse; vulnerable families with new born children and toddlers; children and young people failing to thrive, and children exposed to violence and abuse.

QATO Foundation

The QATO Foundation is an independent charitable foundation that works to improve animal welfare. With a special focus on animals that are in human custody, the QATO Foundation supports the creation of long-term and sustainable solutions to fight the problems that cause poor animal welfare.

Working internationally and with many different animal species, projects supported by the QATO Foundation are diverse. These include: Scientific studies to increase the understanding of animal behavior and health: projects run by animal welfare organisations to support animals in urgent need of help: and projects to educate children as the next generation of animal caretakers, to create empathy for animals and a profound understanding of their needs.

Associated businesses

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Blue Hors

Horse welfare and ethics. These values are the foundation of Blue Hors. All our knowledge of horse welfare has been put into the creation of BLUE HORS CARE – a complete and functional range of care and supplement products. Our passion is to constantly develop Danish dressage sport and dressage breeding.

KIRKBI assists Blue Hors with HR, finance and legal support.

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Private Hospital Mølholm

Headquartered in Vejle, Denmark, Private Hospital Mølholm treats more than 30,000 patients annually, of which approx. 30% are referred from the public health service for treatment within one of the 30 medical specialties covered by the private hospital.

KIRKBI owns approx. 90% of the shares in Privathospitalet Mølholm P/S. The remaining shares are owned by the medical practitioners and specialists from each clinic, who are responsible for the daily management. With its ownership, KIRKBI wants to contribute to the continued availability of a Danish owned private hospital with a high professional standard and quality.

This means ensuring the right competencies within Private Hospital Mølholm’s management and professional specialties; to support a stable, long-term development and to ensure that the buildings in which the hospital operates are of a high standard.

At the same time, KIRKBI wants to contribute to a continuation of the hospital's vision, mission and culture, which is characterized by a highly professional staff, high quality, and respect towards patients, customers and partners.

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Valbella Resort is a wellness, family, and business resort in Valbella, Switzerland. Sustainability and environmental health are key considerations at Valbella. To live in harmony with nature as far as possible, to protect resources, people and the environment is of great importance.

Therefore, all services at the Valbella Resort is carried out to the highest quality of service while focusing on solutions protecting the environment.

Sustainable family ownership

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The LEGO School

The LEGO School is a preparational programme for the 5th generation owners of the Kirk Kristiansen family, which is comprised by monthly learning days about the entities under the LEGO Brand Group. The 5th generation consists of 7 girls, representing the children of the 4th generation of the owner family.

The purpose of the programme is for the next generation to become acquainted with the breadth and future opportunities across the LEGO entities.