KIRKBI worklife

We are the Kirk Kristiansen family's private holding and investment company founded to build a sustainable future for the family ownership of the LEGO® brand through generations. 

Have a look around to discover what we do and how we do things.

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Company culture

Our way of working is anchored in a strong set of values and we succeed together across a broad span of competencies. 

Like LEGO builders around the world we thrive on making things happen and we know that there is often more than one solution to a challenge.

The KIRKBI Fundamentals

Inspired by the LEGO Idea Paper - a short internal document written by the Kirk Kristiansen family - we have the KIRKBI Fundamentals that serve as the compass in all our business activities.

The KIRKBI Fundamentals outline how we are contributing to enabling the owner family to succeed with the mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. 

The fundamentals set out who we are, where we are heading and how we should act every day.

A family-owned company

Our company name reflects the family ownership and our heritage.

It is a combination of the family name ‘Kirk’ and the town ‘Billund’, where we have our home.

The LEGO brand ownership has been with the Kirk Kristiansen family for four generations. It all began in 1932, when Ole Kirk Kristiansen started making wooden toys in his workshop in Billund, which he then sold as LEGO toys two years later. 

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People Promise - Succeed together

As an integral part of the KIRKBI Fundamentals, we have four promises to ourselves and to those partners who work with us.

In short, they capture how we should act every day and define how we regard play, people, partner and planet as integrated and equal parts of how we succeed with our mission.

One of these four promises is our People Promise. With this promise, we want to unleash the full potential of all KIRKBI employees while succeeding together. We focus on enabling and developing our people’s competencies and ensuring that our people leaders have the right leadership capabilities and continuously act as strong role models.

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Lifelong learning & development

We aim at creating the best possible conditions for lifelong learning to ensure a motivating workplace where we can continue to develop and perform. And we focus on providing all our people with the possibility to grow professionally and develop as an individual.

We believe that by focusing on both motivation and what energises our people as well as where we see ourselves heading are important factors in order to realise career goals and general job satisfaction.

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We have a Play Promise

Like LEGO builders around the world, we thrive on making things happen, and we know that there is often more than one solution to a challenge.

The Play Promise in KIRKBI is closely integrated with our People Promise, and it is about finding inspiration and pride in our LEGO brand heritage and embracing the characteristics of playful learning i.e. being joyful, social, engaging, meaningful, and iterative in our everyday lives.