People Promise - Succeed together

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Company culture

We are the Kirk Kristiansen family's holding- and investment company with around 200 passionate people. We have a value-based, dynamic and performance driven culture with the KIRKBI Fundamentals serving as the compass in all our activities.

With the People Promise we want to unleash the full potential of all KIRKBI colleagues while at the same time succeeding together. We focus on enabling and maintaining our people's competencies and ensuring that our people leaders have the right leadership capabilities in order to continue being great role models.

In KIRKBI, we do this to enable execution of the business strategy and to build the long-term health of the company - we believe that it is our people, our determination to succeed together as well as our ability to live the KIRKBI Fundamentals that make the difference.

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Professional and personal growth

We have two HR core processes, which enable professional and personal growth for all our people: the Performance Management Programme (PMP) and the Individual Development Programme (IDP).

The Performance Management Programme cascades the overall objectives for the KIRKBI Group throughout the organisation. This to ensure that our people focus, prioritise and reach KPI’s that are both crucial for success in their individual role, but at the same time linked to team objectives as well as objectives and focus areas for KIRKBI as an organisation.

The Individual Development Programme is an important mindset. As a company, we invest in the personal and professional development of all our people. We believe, focusing on both motivation and what energises our people as well as continued development of competencies are important factors in order to realise career goals and general job satisfaction.