Active and engaged family ownership through generations

Active and engaged family ownership is crucial to the Kirk Kristiansen family. Being an active and engaged owner is about having a deep interest and engagement in how the family enterprises develop, how the enterprises engage with children of all ages as well as stakeholders in general, what the culture is like and how the values are lived and not least - caring for employees.

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Family ownership

Active and engaged ownership is about being guardians of how the Kirk Kristiansen family enterprises do business.

To ensure a continued active and engaged family ownership, the Kirk Kristiansen family decided that in each generation one person should be taking the role as the most active owner. The most active owner will, on behalf of the whole family, be close to the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, LEGO Education and KIRKBI. The family agreed that Thomas Kirk Kristiansen should assume this role in the fourth generation.

Furthermore, the family agreed that all owners in each generation are engaged and responsible shareholders as well as ambassadors and culture carriers of the family’s core values. All owners are engaged in different ways in the business of the LEGO Group, KIRKBI and the associated foundations – acting as members of the Board or undertaking representative duties.

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Planned handover completed - from 3rd to 4th generation

In 2016, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, who is the most active owner on behalf of the 4th generation, took the first steps in the smooth handover between the 3rd and 4th generation. 

In May 2023, this gradual generational hand-over was completed as Thomas Kirk Kristiansen took over the role as Chair of the Board of Directors in KIRKBI A/S from Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. With this, all central board positions are now handed over to the fourth generation of the Kirk Kristiansen family. In practice, this means that Thomas Kirk Kristiansen is the Chair of KIRKBI A/S, Chair of LEGO A/S as well Chair of the LEGO Foundation.

Also, in May 2023, Agnete Kirk Kristiansen, fourth generation owner, was elected board member of KIRKBI A/S.