Thematic Capital Investments

Thematic Capital builds on KIRKBI’s existing portfolio of renewable energy investments. The formation of Thematic Capital is driven by the owner family’s commitment to contribute to a sustainable development in the world.

In order to maximise impact while ensuring long-term return on investment, KIRKBI focus on building capabilities and portfolios around four defined themes: Energy Transition, Circular Plastics, Land Sustainability and Building Billund.

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Energy Transition

Through Energy Transition investments, KIRKBI contributes to a sustainable development in the world, while supporting the LEGO Group in furthering its environmental sustainability ambition.

Furthermore, KIRKBI also invests in the green energy transition to contribute to the increase of global renewable energy production, while at the same time delivering attractive long-term returns.

KIRKBI’s Energy Transition strategy targets direct minority as well as majority investments in solar and wind energy assets. The geographic focus is on Northern Europe and North America.

Current investments include part-ownership of two offshore wind farms, Borkum Riffgrund 1 and Burbo Bank Extension, and majority ownership of Adapture Renewables Inc (previously named Enerparc Inc.).

KIRKBI is represented on the Boards of Directors in all three energy providers to support the strategic development.

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Circular Plastics

Globally, plastic waste is a significant problem for multiple reasons. Waste management practices of plastics are not broadly in place leading to increasing amounts of unhandled plastics, harmful to the environment and climate. Largely this is a result of a majority of plastic types being difficult or impossible to decompose or reuse.

The lack of circularity of plastics is an important area to address globally, and KIRKBI sees a potential to contribute through investments with high impact by targeting – but not limited to – the development of new plastic types and recycling methods.

Current investments in Circular Plastics include a minority investment in the Norwegian plastic recycling company, Quantafuel. Quantafuel develops, owns and operates plastic-to-liquid plants.

Also, in 2021, KIRKBI invested in Ambercycle - a materials science company building circularity in the fashion industry to reduce plastic waste from textiles.

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Land Sustainability

As a new specific focus area under Thematic Capital, Land Sustainability is concentrated around forest landscape restoration where deforesting through decades has led to severe implications for both climate, environment and biodiversity globally.

KIRKBI expects to build capabilities and engage in investments into afforestation to create a positive impact on biodiversity, environment and climate.

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Building Billund

Building Billund is one of the theme-based investment areas inspired by the owner family’s wish to make a positive difference in the LEGO Group’s hometown, Billund. KIRKBI has been actively engaged in supporting the development of the town through generations.

Together with local partners, KIRKBI is involved in realising Billund’s City Vision that sets the framework for urban and cultural planning to support and strengthen Billund’s unique character as the Capital of Children, where children of all ages learn through play and are creative citizens of the world.

KIRKBI’s primary contributions have been several real estate projects in Billund – from new inspiring workplaces to a new downtown area.