Core Capital Investments

Through the Core Capital investment portfolio, we are committed to ensuring a sound financial foundation for the owner family’s activities via Equity investments, Real Estate and Fixed Income investments.

The investment approach is based on the belief that companies that act long-term and responsibly are also the ones that are sustainable and value-creating over time.

Long-term Equity Ownership

It is a priority for the KIRKBI Group to grow the long-term equity ownership with an aim of owning significant minority stakes of high-quality companies with a long-term potential for growth and value creation.

A part of KIRKBI’s investment strategy is focused on active ownership of significant minority stakes in high quality companies with a long-term potential for value creation. KIRKBI has a strategy of being represented on the boards of the companies we are owners of within long-term equity in order to be a strong owner and support the companies in relation to their long-term growth and ongoing development.

KIRKBI's portfolio of long-term equity investments is comprised by: Falck A/S (28.6%), ISS (16.6%), Nilfisk (20.3%), Välinge (48.4%), Landis+Gyr (15.4%) and Armacell (43.5%). 

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Real Estate Investments

In KIRKBI, we believe in value creation through a long-term focus, and thus, a growing real estate footprint is a strategic choice.

The focus of KIRKBI’s Real Estate investments is to maintain and increase the real estate portfolio with sound and high-quality properties as well as looking at sustainable redevelopment opportunities with a long-term value potential, primarily within the office and retail sectors.

KIRKBI currently has a portfolio of 25 Real Estate capital investments comprising more than 300,000 square metres of space.

Quoted Equity and Fixed Income

KIRKBIs investments in Quoted Equity and Fixed income, provides for flexible and scalable investments with a high ESG and responsibly threshold.

Quoted equities consist of developed and emerging market investments with focus on value and GARP (growth at a reasonable price) type investments.

Fixed income includes

  • Liquid bonds (e.g. government and European mortgage bonds)
  • Corporate debt
  • Other debt (e.g. high yield or emerging market)
  • Long-term fixed income (e.g. mezzanine or direct lending)

The portfolio is managed largely internally and supplemented by selected partners.