Corporate Responsibility

KIRKBI strives to be a good corporate citizen with a high ethical standard in all operations both in the Parent Company itself as well as in all the companies where KIRKBI owns significant shares. We believe responsibility and financial performance goes hand in hand. 

A great example is Renewables, which is one of our strategic investment areas for the KIRKBI Group. Our investments in renewables support the LEGO Group ambition to generate renewable energy capacity corresponding to the global energy consumption of the LEGO Group by 2020. At the same time, the investments deliver an attractive long-term return on investment and it is a powerful way for KIRKBI and the Kirk Kristiansen family to make a positive impact.

In general, sustainable investment and management is integral to KIRKBI. We deliberately take sustainability-related risks and opportunities into account in all investment and business decisions and processes. In that regard, KIRKBI has identified certain industries that we simply do not invest in at all: Tobacco, armament and adult entertainment.

Additionally, KIRKBI has entered into business relations with an ethical screening company. The company has developed a global ethical standard based on systematic screening of international companies regarding their compliance with international conventions and guidelines on environment, human rights and corruption. A screening of KIRKBI’s Quoted equity portfolio is conducted regularly.

The LEGO Group and Merlin Entertainments plc both conduct comprehensive work with CSR matters and communicate the progress made. These CSR activities all ensure that KIRKBI's strategic activities live up to our high ethical standards.


The responsibility report 2014 for the LEGO Group is available at


The work with CSR in the companies in which KIRKBI has made long term equity investments is also conducted by the companies themselves.