Corporate Responsibility - Our Promises

In KIRKBI, corporate responsibility is integrated in our Fundamentals and the three Promises to people, to partners and to the planet. With these Promises, we aim to fulfil a strong focus on creating a positive impact through responsible ownership and investments.

  • People Promise – Succeed together: To enable execution of the business strategy and to build the long-term health of the company – we believe people and values make the difference.
  • Partner Promise – Mutual value creation: To build partnerships that enhance mutual value creation, entail openness and trust – partners should feel energised and inspired from their involvement with KIRKBI.
  • Planet Promise – Positive impact: To create a positive impact on the planet through responsible investments and ownership – a commitment to society to keep earning a trusted position.

We believe that by acting according to the Promises, KIRKBI is in the best possible position to deliver robust value creation.

We also believe that living our Promises is a dynamic process. KIRKBI is on a journey to constantly improve and develop the way we live the Promises. In KIRKBI’s Annual Report 2016, you can find an introduction to the Promises approach developed during 2016 and our focus areas. You can find the report here.