KIRKBI Fundamentals

The LEGO Brand mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. The Kirk Kristiansen family aims to fulfill the mission, helping all children grow and develop to their full potential through creative play, by dedicated efforts driven by the LEGO Branded entities. 

As the private holding and investment company with the role to promote a sustainable future for the family ownership of the LEGO brand through generations, KIRKBI shares the same mission, promises, spirit and values as the LEGO branded entities. 

This shared foundation for the family enterprises is reflected in the LEGO® Idea Paper – a short internal document written by the Kirk Kristiansen family. The LEGO® Idea Paper describes the family’s fundamental belief that “Children are our role models”, the mission, the vision, the LEGO Idea, the values and the promises.

The KIRKBI Fundamentals is the graphic illustration of the LEGO® Idea Paper in a KIRKBI context including the aspiration, which is reflecting KIRKBI’s specific role and purpose as the private holding and investment company: KIRKBI aspires to enable the Kirk Kristiansen family to succeed with the mission through generations and to create a positive impact through responsible ownership and investments.

The KIRKBI Fundamentals serve as the compass in all our business activities.