The LEGO Group

The aim of the LEGO Group is to “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”, and all its products and services are based on the underlying philosophy of development through play. It is the LEGO philosophy that “good quality play” enriches a child’s life – and lays the foundation for its development later in life. Based on the world-famous LEGO® brick, the company today provides play materials, experiences and educational materials for children in more than 130 countries.


The name LEGO was created by the two Danish words LEg GOdt, meaning "play well". The LEGO brick, which was invented in its present form in 1958, and the LEGO building system form the platform for open-ended play and provide children with endless possibilities of realizing their true potential.


The LEGO Group was founded by the Kirk Kristiansen family in 1932 and has since then been headquartered in Billund, Denmark. Production takes place in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Mexico, and other large locations are USA, Germany, Singapore and the UK. The company has almost 14,500 employees.


The LEGO Group is owned 75 % by KIRKBI A/S and the remaining 25 % is owned by the LEGO Foundation through Koldingvej 2, Billund A/S.