Long-Term Equity Investments

It is a priority for the KIRKBI Group to grow the long-term equity ownership with an aim of acquiring significant minority stakes of high-quality companies with a long-term potential for growth and value creation.

About KIRKBI's long-term equity ownership
KIRKBI’s investment strategy is focused on active ownership of significant minority stakes in high quality companies with a long-term potential for value creation.  KIRKBI has a strategy of being represented on the boards of the companies we are owners of within Long-term Equity in order to be a strong owner and support the companies in relation to their long-term growth and ongoing development. 

How we engage as owners
Our primary focus areas as active owners of long-term equity ownership stakes are grouped into four categories: 

1. Strategy
The company’s robustness and positioning for long-term growth 

2. Financial discipline
The company’s efficiency around capital allocation and progress on selected KPIs 

3. Governance
Ensuring that the right people and competencies are present on the board and management team as well as ensuring the company’s systems and procedures are at all times appropriate and supportive for the company’s long term development

4. Sustainability  

Focusing on the company’s continuous improvements to ensure sustainable growth via continuous progress within environmental, social and governance areas.

KIRKBI's portfolio of long-term equity investments currently includes: