Investment Activities

The purpose of KIRKBI’s investment portfolio is to deliver long-term growth of capital through attractive risk-adjusted returns of our investments - ultimately, building a sound financial foundation to support the Mission and the KIRKBI Fundamentals.

The investment portfolio is divided into long-term investments and financial investments, with the purpose of securing attractive risk adjusted returns for the long term as well as sufficient financial flexibility and diversification at all times. Based on a belief in value creation through long-term focus as well as a long-term illiquidity premium, we expect long-term investments to be a growing part of the total portfolio.
The investment portfolio is actively managed by a dedicated team within KIRKBI who delivers on the objectives through a set of guidelines  defining our investment approach to how we invest. Through investments and ownership, KIRKBI is: 

  • An ambitious and active owner of the companies and properties we invest in
  • Long-term focused and a value-driven 
  • Making investments and driving active ownership that live up to our responsibility approach
  • Working with partners with high integrity and aiming to engage in long-term relationships aiming for mutual value creation
  • Focusing on transparency and good governance in order to be comfortable with the underlying risk and return factors

Responsible investments and responsible ownership
KIRKBI aspires to enable the Kirk Kristiansen family to succeed with the mission of inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow through generations and to create a positive impact through responsible ownership and investments.

As such, environmental, social and governance factors are a fundamental part of assessing the attractiveness and performance of an investment. Not only in the due diligence phase but also as part of the ongoing ownership and monitoring of our businesses and investments as KIRKBI will exercise our rights and encourage companies to improve the management of material risks in order to protect our value and enhance long-term returns. 

In addition to the assessment of ESG-factors, we exclude investments in certain industries such as tobacco, armament, gambling and adult entertainment. The investments are regularly screened for their compliance with international conventions and norms.

Read more about the Investment Portfolio and our approach in KIRKBI's Annual Report here

The types of investments are:

Long-term investments

The long-term equity portfolio currently includes:

Financial investments

  • Liquid Bonds and Corporate Debt
  • Quoted Equities