LEGO Brand Group

About LEGO Brand Group 
In January 2017, LEGO Brand Group was established as a virtual entity within the KIRKBI Group. The purpose of LEGO Brand Group is to protect, develop and leverage the full potential of the LEGO brand and to ensure active and engaged family ownership of the LEGO branded entities through generations. 

The LEGO brand, driven by the LEGO Group, has developed rapidly. Over the past decades, the LEGO Group has expanded its global presence and the LEGO brand has become not only a well-known but a highly trusted and strong brand across global markets. 

In addition, the LEGO brand is part of a larger ecosystem of brands due to partnerships and licensed agreements, which makes the brand more exposed than ever and more and more strategic opportunities arise.  

In light of the development of the LEGO brand, the LEGO Brand Group works to ensure that the future of the LEGO brand is managed with care and that the LEGO brand remains true to the Kirk Kristiansen family's overall mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. 

LEGO Brand Group exercises the owner governance of the LEGO brand primarily through the boards of the relevant entities.

Photo: The LEGO Brand Group is managed in a partnership between Jørgen Vig Knudstorp (Executive Chairman) and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen (Deputy Chairman) together with a small team.